A book by Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai
Whether you just started your first entry-level job, run the entire company, or just feel trapped by your condo association bylaws, it’s time to learn how to get big things done. From local government to the White House, Harvard to the world of venture capital, Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai have taken on some of the world’s most challenging bureaucracies—and won.

Now, they bring their years of experience to you, teaching you strategies anyone can use to improve your organization through their own stories and those of fellow bureaucracy hackers. Regardless of your industry, role, or team, Hack Your Bureaucracy shows how to get started, take initiative on your own, and transform your ideas into impact.

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What’s in the book
The book is centered around a series of 56 tactics you can employ to better equip yourself for hacking your own bureacracy. Here are a few of our favorite:
Use the Bureaucracy Against Itself
Sweat the Small Stuff
Cultivate the Karass
Look Between the Silos
Find Your Paperclip
Pick up the Pen
Stab People in the Chest
Strangle the Mainframe
Pilot is the Password
The Authors

Marina Nitze

Over a four-year span, Marina Nitze successfully built and led a disruptive team inside the largest bureaucracy in the world—the U.S. government—and within its most challenged agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her team drastically improved veterans’ access to care and services and helping to increase veteran trust in the agency by 25%.

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Nick Sinai

Nick Sinai is a venture capitalist, adjunct Harvard faculty, and a former senior White House official in the Obama Administration. As a Senior Advisor at Insight Partners, Nick serves on the board of Rebellion Defense, Hawkeye360, LeoLabs, and Shift5. He writes and teaches about technology in government, and serves as a commissioner on the Atlantic Council's Commission on Remaking the US Defense Innovation System. He’s been quoted in the Economist and the WSJ, and testified in front of Congress. Recently, Nick co-founded the U.S. Digital Corps, a new two-year federal fellowship for early-career technologists, launched in the summer of 2021.

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